Who am I?

I am Marie Alhomme, the textile artist behind “Cousettes Fantastiques, Créations d'exception”, and my role is to help you elevate the memories that your favorite fabrics carry.

I want to guide you through giving a second life to these fabrics charged with emotions, and transform them through sewing into something useful and beautiful, created entirely to measure for you.
This way, you can fully enjoy the memories they contain once again.

A white woman, brown hair shorn very short, brown eyes, very light makeup, seen from above in a bathroom.

How does it work?

A brief overview of how a custom order takes place.

1. Project

You have fabrics that hold meaning for you, or you've seen some in my stock that appeal to you. You send me a message to describe your project: desires, needs, ideas, deadlines, budget... everything that seems important to convey to me initially.

You can do this via the contact form on this page, directly by email at , via private message with the widget at the bottom right on this page or on my Facebook page.

A pile of shiny fabrics in yellow tones.

2. Discussion

We take some time (over the phone or chat) to explore the parameters of your project in more detail. Fabrics, dimensions, patterns... are discussed, in order to have a clear and precise picture of your custom creation.

A white woman on the phone, 3/4 back view, in her studio

3. Order

With all this information, I make you a formal and detailed proposal: I send you a complete PDF quote that summarizes all the parameters of your project.
We modify it until you are satisfied.

Once the 40% deposit is paid, the reservation of your slot is confirmed and I purchase the necessary materials/hardware, if applicable.

Overview of the descriptive lines of a quote for making a satchel

4. Making

When the time of your slot arrives, you pay the 30% interim payment and I start making your project.

Throughout the process, and unless otherwise instructed, I send you photos or videos of my progress. If I have any questions or choices to offer you, I don't hesitate to contact you, and of course, I remain available if you have any questions too :)

Combination of two views: a pattern piece placed on a fabric and held by a metal washer, and sketched designs of bags.

5. Delivery

Your project is finished!
Once the balance is settled, I print the shipping label according to the agreed shipping method, carefully package your order, and send it to you.

Just a little more patience and soon you'll be able to discover it!

Cardboard boxes of varying size and condition are stacked on a counter

Your stories

You have entrusted me with your precious textiles, witnesses of your lives, and together we have celebrated their memory.
For example... (in French)

Let's talk

I am available to discuss your project!

Thanks for your trust!

I also am...

Cousettes Fantastiques,
Créations d'Exception

Textile Artist - Accessories that tell stories

Bags and wallets with a distinct identity, in unique and numbered pieces.
Designed and sewn with passion and rigor in my workshop in the Loire Region (France).