Who I Am

I am Marie Alhomme, in my fourties, living in France in the Loire department (42) with my husband and two children. Creating has always been a form of therapy for me, a balm for the mind and soul.
Much more than a livelihood; it's a true passion.

It all started with a blanket, the one I sewed for the arrival of our second child.
A blanket made of maternal love and pieces of fabric, real slices of life: my eldest's first babywearing wrap, his grandfather's t-shirt, a friend's son's swaddle, the remains of my niece's comforter...

Such a meaningful experience, and that's when I realized...
I'm going to enable you to experience it too!

This is how I decided to use my expertise to help you create unique objects that embody your stories.

In detail...

From a very young age, I've been passionate about creative techniques and have experimented with various artistic activities, some related to textiles (knitting, silk painting, cross-stitch...) and others not (painting, theater, musicals, cinema...).
As a hands-on person, I enjoy crafting, and challenges don't intimidate me.
My love for visual arts led me to study filmmaking and later 3D design for video games. I also delved into creating websites (both coding and design) and did so for nearly 25 years.

Ten years ago, in search of a way to merge my web development skills with my love for reading, I tried my hand at book and magazine publishing.

However, something was still missing.

In 2016, when I discovered sewing, leather working and bagmaking, I was drawn to the vast possibilities they offered, as well as the sensory experience and genuine meaning that I had been missing in my digital career.
I quickly found that I had a natural talent for it, in addition to a passion for combining materials. Sewing brought back my attention to detail, precision, and the intellectual challenge from my previous job, but enriched with the tactile and creative dimension that I longed for.

Motherhood opened the door to a specific textile world, that of babywearing wraps. There, I discovered a variety of enchanting fabrics with their unique fibers, weaves, colors, and patterns.
These fabrics, often essential for our mental well-being and witnesses to countless emotions, are filled with precious memories. After spending thousands of hours carrying our babies close to us, these textiles are infused with stories that are sometimes impossible to part with. Many parents, including myself, feel the need to elevate these narratives, which directly influenced my artistic approach.
I felt it was essential to contribute to the preservation of these family stories, whether they reside in babywearing wraps or other fabric items with tales to tell.

I quickly realized, helped with the many requests from customers, that custom orders would be one of the best ways to celebrating the stories carried by their sentimental fabrics, and/or the ideas they had on their own without knowing how to give them life by themselves.

This in turn helped me refine my artistic approach: I seek out fabrics that inspire me because they "whisper" something to me. Sometimes, the "message" is clear, while at other times, it requires deeper exploration to understand fully. However, by assembling and shaping them, this creative and artistic process reveals these stories.

The result is reflected in unique accessories that tell narratives and offer exceptional women the opportunity to shine, all while supporting sustainable and virtuous fashion.