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Carry your Stories
with Pride

Granny’s shawl, gramps’ sweater, your wedding dress, a babywearing wrap...
In my workshop, I craft unique pieces, custom made or freely inspired,
while giving a second life to history-rich materials.
Elevating your bags and wallets to be more than just objects.

Soulful Excellence Made in France

The latest Creations


THE BAG, WHAT TO SAY. Mind blown.
Finishes carefully considered at every stitch.
Lightweight, sturdy, very good quality materials, colors chosen with care and taste, everything is crafted with applied expertise, I love it.
It's my first bag and surely not the last!

Irina R.
  • Exalt
    your stories

    Bring your memories and
    original ideas to life
    through my exclusive and
    custom creations.

  • Become

    Break free from standardized
    and industrialized fashion,
    find accessories that
    reflect your personality.

  • Embody
    your values

    Celebrate French Artisanal Craftsmanship,
    encourage slow and virtuous fashion
    that gives a second chance
    to materials rich in stories.

1. I carefully select the materials ; 2. I cut, I assemble, I refine ; 3. You enjoy your wonder

From fiber to object,
a story unfolds

From the meticulous selection of materials to the finished object in your hands, the creation and crafting of my unique pieces is a labor of love and excellence, celebrating memories by transforming them into living objects.

Crafting a Mini "Zip-Zip" Coin Purse - 2h in 3min

Who's the
Storyteller ?

It all started with a blanket, the one I sewed for the arrival of our second child.
A blanket made of maternal love and pieces of fabric, real slices of life: my eldest's first babywearing wrap, his grandfather's t-shirt, a friend's son's swaddle, the remains of my niece's comforter...

Such a meaningful experience, and that's when I realized...
I'm going to enable you to experience it too!

This is how I decided to use my expertise to help you create unique objects that embody your stories.

I'm Marie, in my forties, living in the Loire with my husband and our two children. Let's get to know each other!


I'm hooked!!
Marie is incredibly attentive and professional.
You can entrust your memories to her without any worries.

Muriel C.


Shop through my high-end bags and wallets,
imbued with a strong identity
to make yours shine in every occasion.

Find yours


A full bespoke service
to transform your sentimental fabrics
and embody your stories every day.

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