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Everything you need to know about ordering on this site.

Brand / Creator

Cousettes Fantastiques or Marie Alhomme?

At first, I named my brand “Cousettes Fantastiques”, and then split it into two at the end of 2022. I kept "Cousettes Fantastiques, Créations d’Exception" (Exceptional Creations) for the creative part and created "Marie Alhomme, Sublimatrice de Souvenirs" (Memories Alchemist) for the "custom-made" part.

During the course of 2023, I realized that I was not comfortable with this division and chose to consolidate everything under a single name again. I kept "Marie Alhomme", which seemed less diminutive and better reflected that it is a specific person offering both her creative universe and expertise. I added to it the tagline "Raconteuse d'Histoires Textiles" ("Textile Storyteller"), which perfectly summarizes my endeavour.

So, welcome to my world, regardless of its name: attention to detail and stories always takes precedence.

What is your story and that of your brand?

I am Marie Alhomme, a 43 years old woman, living in France in the Loire department (42) with my husband and two children. Creativity has always been a form of therapy for me, a balm for the mind and soul.
It's much more than a livelihood; it's a true passion.
Read more about me.

What is your working method?

For the Creative Studio, I work entirely by instinct. I select material combinations and patterns based on inspiration, guided by colors and textures. I let the ideas flow, close my eyes and visualize the expected result, and listen to the emotions it evokes in me, with the goal of physically translating them to share with you.

Once decided, I gather the materials with the necessary hardware in a labeled box, and they wait to be assembled. It's rare that I sew multiple bags simultaneously; I prefer to focus on one creation at a time.

After completing the piece, following several hours of passionate work (typically between 3 and 12 hours, with an average of 7 hours), I photograph it, create a custom protective pouch to its dimensions, craft a product listing to present it to you, and store it until it's ready to be shipped to you.

When that moment arrives, I carefully package it in its pouch (or, for smaller items, in locally and sustainably produced tissue paper), and then in plastic (retrieved or recycled bags, etc.) to prevent accidents during transport. I then write a short note on a flyer, add 2-3 business cards, and assemble everything in a cardboard box of the most suitable size to reduce my carbon footprint. In the same spirit, all my cardboard boxes are reclaimed, so don't be surprised when you receive them! Not only does this avoid overproduction and save boxes from the dumpster, but it also reduces the risk of package theft.

Bespoke Service creations are conceived with the same creativity and pursuit of excellence, only the process differs: YOU initiate the project.
You contact me because you liked an item in the shop and would like a version just for you, because one of my in-stock fabrics inspired you, or because you have a fabric with strong sentimental value that you want to celebrate by transforming it into something you can enjoy every day.
Find out more about this process lower on this page.


Are your products authentic?

All my creations are numbered and come with an identity card that includes the type, model, version, number, detailed materials list, and care instructions.
I'm working on a blockchain-based authenticity certificate, I'll update this page when it's ready.

Where/How are they made?

I make all my products in my workshop in the city of St Just St Rambert in the Loire department (42). I use several machines depending on needs: a professional sewing machine, an industrial sewing machine, a serger, a press (for eyelets, rivets, etc.), an iron press, and a manual skiver.

I carefully choose my technical supplies (interfacings, hardware, etc.) and some innovative materials (such as cotton-backed cork or silicon faux leather) from trusted suppliers.

My other fabrics and materials are mostly upcycled and come from renowned babywearing brands, dormant stocks from Haute-Couture/High-End houses (clothing and furnishings), scraps from High-End leather goods houses, as well as "seconds" from specialized boutiques (especially for faux leather) or from personal collections found at flea markets or on specialized second-hand websites.

Find out more about this on the Soulful Values page.

Why are there "Near-Perfect" items and what are they?

As part of my sustainable view of the modern luxury fashion, creating as little waste as possible is central. You can learn more about this on my Soulful Values page.

Is it possible to order a custom piece?

In addition to the original creations offered on the website and created on inspiration, I offer an on-demand solution to create pieces that match your emotions, designs that reflect you. To achieve this, I've created the Bespoke Service.

Through this service, I offer to create a piece that reflects you, using your sentimental fabrics, fabrics from my stock, or even fabrics I find specifically for you. My creativity and expertise, combined with your imagination, have no limits.

  1. First Contact
  2. Defining Project
  3. Estimate & Order
  4. Crafting the Magic
  5. Delivery & Wonder
  1. Shoot me an e-mail or use the appointment request form to book a visio call, during which we will discuss all the parameters of your project.
  2. I will then work on a detailed personalized offer for the entire process. and send you a quote.
  3. Once the quote is accepted, I will send you a final invoice that you can pay in three installments via bank transfer: 40% non-refundable deposit ; 30% work-start installement ; 30% balance right before shipping.
  4. I'll then start working my magic to craft your very own custom creation. Depending on your wishes, I will update you with pics and videos through the whole process... or keep the secret until you open your package!
  5. Finally, it's time for me to ship your tracked and insured package, and for you to eagerly stalk it until you can at long last marvel at unboxing it :)

How long does it take for a custom piece?

The time it takes will greatly depend on the complexity of your request, the availability of components, and my schedule, which varies depending on the time of year. On average, expect between 2 and 4 weeks. The quote I provide will contain an accurate estimate of the timeline, and I commit to responding as accurately as possible to your requests, while respecting the creative and production process.


What does it include?

The price of my creations (original or custom) is the result of a complex calculation that takes into account materials and equipment, labor, accumulated experience, and continuously updated expertise.

For your custom orders, is added the time spent defining your project (emails, chats, sketches, photos, etc.) and keeping you informed of its progress. More than just a product, you will have access to a fully personalized experience throughout the process.

Additionally, all my bags come with a protective pouch made of 100% organic cotton satin or 100% linen fabric, closed with a 100% organic cotton cord, that I custom-make specifically for each bag.

Why invest in one of your creations?

Investing in a unique "Marie Alhomme" creation means getting a high-quality fashion accessory, of course, but more importantly, it means sharing a deeply artistic, sentimental, and socially responsible journey.

These accessories that tell stories, theirs and yours, each different and rich in contrasts (colors, textures, styles), are filled with emotions and take you on a journey. They stand out from the ubiquitous uniformity of a traditional luxury industry that now only bears that name without really embodying it, between automation and standardization.

Their impeccable finishes and high-quality materials ensure that you can use them for a long time with pleasure. Their unique, bold, and assertive identity will elegantly reveal your personality, by day or by night. They will be unmistakably yours.

Finally, you know that you are supporting a French artisan who works in small volumes with a sustainable, reasonable, and thoughtful approach, in contrast to the excesses of a frenzied consumer society. A passionate craftswoman who constantly strives for excellence and pushes the technical and artistic boundaries of her practice.


Do I need to register to make purchases on the online store?

It's not necessary to have an account to place an order on this website.

Are payments secure?

Payment security is an absolute priority on my website. I understand the importance of trust in online transactions, which is why I make every effort to provide you with a secure and reliable payment environment.
Payment is secured by SnipCart, a reputable payment service provider, an expert in online transaction security. This partner uses advanced security protocols to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of payment data. I do not store your credit card details or other sensitive information on my system, adding an extra layer of protection.

If you have any concerns or additional questions regarding the security of payments on my site, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm here to provide you with the necessary answers and ensure you have a stress-free online shopping experience.

What are the payment methods and conditions?

Payment can be made in several ways:

  • Right away on the website, by credit card or PayPal: your order will be shipped immediately ;
  • In 4 installments with PayPal (on the website, subject to acceptance by PayPal) or with Alma (you’ll need to contact me first so that I can provide you with a dedicated link): both are offered at no additional cost to you, and your order will be shipped immediately ;
  • Deferred payment by bank transfer (with direct contact according to your preferences): your order will only be shipped upon receipt of the full payment.

Can I place an order by phone?

You can contact me by phone at +33(0)661356222, and I will provide you with a final invoice that you can then pay by bank transfer or credit card.

Can I modify or cancel my order?

It's possible to modify or cancel an order within 6 hours of purchase. To do so, please contact me as soon as possible via or by phone at +33(0)661356222.

Once your order has been shipped, I cannot cancel it. In that case, you will need to wait to receive it and then return it within 14 days of delivery, at your own expense, and I will refund you according to the terms outlined in the Terms Of Services.


How do you ship?

Delivery of your order is an essential part of my customer service. I strive to provide you with a reliable, fast, and convenient delivery experience, so you can quickly enjoy your purchases.

Once your order is placed, I ensure that your items are carefully packaged and prepared for shipping. I choose the most suitable packaging options to protect your products during transportation.
My pieces are thoughtfully wrapped and shipped in upcycled cardboard boxes (read more).

Each bag is protected by its custom-made satin drawstring pouch, made from 100% organic cotton satin or 100% linen fabric, and closed with a 100% organic cotton cord, that I custom-make specifically for each bag.
Wallets and other small items are wrapped in tissue paper, either new (locally and sustainably produced) or recycled depending on their size.

I offer free shipping to France. For all other destinations, I aim to maintain competitive and transparent shipping costs. Shipping fees are calculated based on the weight, size of your package, and the destination to provide you with the fairest pricing possible.

Whether it's standard, express, or international delivery, I work with reliable carriers (Colissimo or Mondial Relay) to ensure the delivery of your package within the estimated timeframes, with tracking and insurance. If you wish to use other shipping providers like FedEx or UPS, please contact me at or by phone at +33(0)661356222 so I can calculate a cost estimate for you.

Do you ship internationally?

I ship worldwide. If your country is not listed, please contact me at or by phone at +33(0)661356222. With your complete details, I will provide you with a final invoice that you can then pay by bank transfer or credit card.

What are the delivery timeframes?

All orders (excluding custom orders) are shipped within 24 hours (excl. week-ends). The delivery time then depends on the chosen shipping method (Mondial Relay or Colissimo) and the delivery location (France or abroad). Delays may occur due to reasons beyond my control (e.g., related to the carrier).

How can I track my order?

You will receive an email upon shipment containing the tracking number and a link. Of course, you can contact me at any time if you have questions.

Can I change my delivery address?

It is sometimes possible to change a delivery address as long as the order has not been shipped. To do so, please contact me as soon as possible via or by phone at +33(0)661356222.

Once your order has been shipped, it is no longer possible to make changes. In that case, you will need to contact the selected carrier as soon as possible (but with no guarantee of results).

My package is lost/I haven't received my order… what should I do?

Contact me as soon as possible via or by phone at +33(0)661356222.

Right of Withdrawal - Returns

How can I return an item, and what are the maximum return timeframes?

In accordance with Article L. 221-18 of the French Consumer Code, you have a right of withdrawal within 14 (fourteen) days after receiving the relevant item, based on a written explanation, except for sales of custom items made to your specifications (unless there is a major defect in the item).

Please contact me as soon as possible via or by phone at +33(0)661356222 to determine the reason for your dissatisfaction. A solution will be provided under the best conditions.

For more information, please refer to the Terms and Conditions.

Can I return a discounted product?

Sales are rare on the site, but regardless, a discounted item (either temporarily or permanently, like the "Near Perfect" items) enjoys the same guarantees as any other item. Therefore, you can refer to the previous answer and the relevant section in the Terms and Conditions for more information.

What are the refund reception procedures?

The refund will be made by bank transfer within a maximum of 14 days following the receipt of the relevant products.

Commitment / Warranty

What should I do if my order is damaged?

If your package arrives damaged, please report it to the carrier upon receipt by issuing a reservation. If it is severely damaged, you can also refuse it, and it will be returned to me.
Then, contact me as soon as possible via email at or by phone at +33(0)661356222.

How do I take care of my product?

Care instructions are provided on the "identity card" included with each piece. In general, it is recommended to avoid machine washing bags and wallets and limit cleaning to spot cleaning, which will vary depending on the material involved (leather, cork, faux leather, fabric, etc.).

You can contact me via email at or by phone at +33(0)661356222 if you have any doubts or need clarification on a specific piece.

Is there a warranty on the creations?

All my creations are covered by a legal warranty against hidden defects and a legal warranty of conformity, both of which last for 2 years. All the details can be found in the Terms and Conditions.

Do you offer a bag and accessory maintenance/repair service?

This service is offered on request only. Please contact me via email at or by phone at +33(0)661356222.

You can send me your MA brand or equivalent items (at your expense) for an assessment of repair/maintenance costs. Once the quote is accepted, I will proceed with the chosen actions and then return your item(s) to you (the shipping costs will be detailed in the quote). If you decline the quote, you will have to organize the return, at your expense.


I am a professional; what are your purchasing and resale terms?

I am very interested by the idea of displaying my pieces in physical stores and sharing my collection with enthusiasts of bold and high-quality accessories in selected boutiques.

If you are interested in distributing the brand, organizing an event in partnership with the MA brand, etc. I would be happy to discuss the operating terms with you.

Please contact me via or by phone at +33(0)661356222 to discuss a potential collaboration.

Where can we find your products?

You can find my complete range of creations on this website. I am proud to offer you an exceptional online shopping experience with detailed photos and comprehensive product descriptions to help you make the best choice.

You can also find my pieces on the Mon Petit Sac platform, a preferred partner whose values (craftsmanship, quality, Made in France) and commitments resonate with mine.

I am also currently working on my physical store presence and will update this space when the time comes.

If you would like to stay updated on my news, I invite you to follow me on Facebook or Instagram. On these pages, I also regularly announce the markets or trade shows I participate in, where you can see my bags in person.

How can you be contacted?

You can contact me at any time from any page using the "Messenger" widget, through the contact form, by email at , or by phone at +33(0)661356222.