Soulful Excellence Made in France

Soulful Values

One-of-a-Kind Pieces / Ultra Limited "Series"

Every piece that comes out of my workshop is different and numbered. I don't make series, or if I do, they are ultra limited.
When I say that, I mean I:

  • NEVER sew the same fabric/pattern combination twice;
  • RARELY make the same pattern several times, with a maximum of 5 repetitions;
  • craft VERY FEW collections, even small ones, that reuse and adapt the same fabric combination on different designs (for example, the "Mille Toffees" collection contains 8 pieces, and I don't plan on creating such a large set again for a loooooong time).

All of this is quite simply because:

  • I dislike doing repetitive things;
  • I love exploring new patterns, learning new techniques;
  • I only sew when inspired, when a flash of creativity seizes me and I have a vision of a very specific combination;
  • since my fabrics are almost exclusively thrifted based on personal preference, I have far too few to reproduce them endlessly, sometimes I barely have enough for a single piece;
  • I want to offer you the opportunity to stand out with truly unique and daring accessories.

So when you buy one of my numbered pieces, you can be assured of having a genuinely original and unique work, stemming from a creative and artistic process entirely free from any commercial constraints.
In other words, I don't create things with the expectation that they will please or sell, but because I feel the need to bring them to life.

Upcycled and High-Quality Materials

Sewing/bagmaking is a resource-intensive activity, and to stay in line with the values I support daily, I have chosen to do it thoughtfully and reasonably. Therefore, I prioritize organic raw materials (GOTS certified whenever available), sourcing locally when possible, and "symbolic" fabrics.

By choosing upcycled materials, I reduce the environmental impact of my work. It also gives each piece I create its own unique character by finding materials from various sources and giving them new life while preserving their beauty and quality.
I use sturdy fabrics and robust leathers, carefully selected to ensure the strength and longevity of my bags and wallets.

When buying new, I have found clean and certified leathers (Naturleder/BioKreis/E-Carf), and I also offer clean vegan alternatives (washable Krafttex paper, cork on organic cotton, etc.).
My faux leather is new, but not from the usual "new" circuit: it comes only from discarded end-of-rolls or "seconds" bins, or as scraps from other makers, as to avoid encouraging the supply and demand system.

To ensure the highest durability and minimize the use of plastic, I buy only metal bag hardware and do so from a trusted provider in Belgium, who offers a wide variety of styles and finishes with a high-level of quality. I'm also proud to be supporting a one-woman company with an outstanding customer service.

By using upcycled and high-quality materials, I craft unique, durable, and elegant products. Each piece tells a story and reflects my commitment to responsible, sustainable, high-quality, slow fashion.

Exquisite Finishes

Every detail, from material selection to the final stitch, is handled with remarkable precision and meticulous care. Each piece I create is the result of my passion for craftsmanship, my commitment to excellence, and my unwavering pursuit of perfection.

My attention to detail is reflected in the exceptional quality of the products I offer. Every stitch is designed and executed with meticulous precision, giving my creations a refined aesthetic and a professional appearance.

My dedication to high-quality finishes extends to the durability and functionality of my creations. I ensure that each one is robust and well-structured, using appropriate reinforcement techniques and top-quality materials.
You can be confident in owning exceptional products that will stand the test of time.

No waste

Precision and innovation, both in conception and in execution, are very important to me, yet it sometimes happens I don't achieve the perfection I strive for.
I also endeavor to being as wasteless as possible (materials, ressources, time), especially since most of my fabrics are rare or one-of-a-kind.

This is why some of my creations are labeled "Near-perfect". Their "flaws" are most often nearly invisible and primarily aesthetic, always very honestly disclosed.
They are not remade and are sold 'as is,' with a discount: an opportunity for you to acquire a beautiful, original piece at a reduced price while participating in building a more sustainable world.

All the scraps I generate during production are also repurposed. When they are not reused in my workshop for reinforcement, made in mosaic works to create larger pieces, or as-is for small creations (keychains, bookmarks, etc.), I donate them based on their nature and size: to other artisans for their creations (such as costume jewelry) or to associations, community centers, and schools for their workshops.

Above and Beyond

I am committed to having an environmentally friendly approach even in my communication:

  • My adhesive labels are made of entirely compostable sugar cane paper (thanks to Helloprint).
  • My thank-you flyers are printed on BioTop recycled paper (made entirely from agricultural waste with green energy), which is chlorine-free, recyclable, and biodegradable (also from Helloprint);
  • When I don't use the tissue paper from my supplier orders, the new tissue paper I use is manufactured in France by Papeteries de Montsegur (not far from my workshop). They hold the EPV, FSC, and Sedex labels, have implemented controlled water consumption, and produce 100% recyclable and biodegradable tissue paper;
  • I reuse all the boxes that come my way and select them so their size closely matches what they need to contain;
  • I've even found "clean" adhesive tape, both for interior packaging and sealing the boxes. It's made from a biodegradable plant-based "plastic" suitable for industrial composting (PLA based on cornstarch, sourced without any fossil resources) and natural rubber adhesive;
  • My website does not use a heavy-duty CMS but a flat-file architecture which uses a smaller server load and thus creates a smaller carbon footprint. It is additionnaly hosted by a French provider with locally based infrastructures.