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Silvia V. Shoulder Bag - SM-053

I have always been a huge fan of the babywearing brand Oscha Slings and have long been inspired by one of its ambassadors, Silvia V..

For years, her photos have inspired me, transported me... often taken on the beach, with her beautiful babies and her huge smile, a doctor who knows how to be a caring mother as well, she embodied fulfilled motherhood combined with empowered femininity. The holy grail. Her availability and friendliness in online babywearing groups complemented this picture.

Some time ago, I gathered my courage and contacted her, feeling like a fan girl. Would she agree to entrust me with the creation of a completely custom bag for her, so that she could give me her opinion and showcase my work to her vast audience? After reviewing my portfolio, she said, "You are a true artist, what you do is beautiful, I would be honored"... what recognition, what affirmation, it did me a world of good.

We discussed her desires, and our aesthetics harmonized wonderfully. From choosing fabrics and hardware to the very last stitch, we worked hand in hand and I took incredible pleasure in crafting this beautiful "Nostalgia" (Hiraeth Handbag by Lavender & Twine). I love its contrasts of colors and textures and am very proud of the level of finishing, one of my finest pieces to date.

Thank you, Silvia, for your trust!

It's stunning!!!! Thanks a lot!!! [...] I was able to choose ALL the details: scarf, bag format, straps, leather, zippers...absolutely everything. And the result is impressive.

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