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Marie A. Bombers Jacket, Crossbody & Wallet - SM-000

I searched for this wrap for a long time, and I didn't want to part with it.
This leather jacket was the first luxury piece of clothing I had, for my 18th birthday.
However, I could no longer use either of them for their original purpose.

So, I decided to transform them into objects that would be useful to me and would remind me of the beautiful memories they had stored.

The bomber jacket was even the very first one I created. I wore it a lot, and I will wear it again when I've lost weight...
I chose the expandable crossbody bag for its versatility and the ability to carry all my belongings with ease and style. I even reused the lining of the jacket!
The wallet was an opportunity to have fun with a reverse appliqué cut. It's in my crossbody bag every time I take it.

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