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Anouchka R. Maxi Crossbody - SM-021

Anouchka had spotted the babywearing wrap scrap in my inventory, which she ultimately wanted for a different bag model that I had presented, but I didn't have enough of it. She was brimming with ideas and desires, and we had lengthy discussions about her various projects to determine what would be the best fit. I took the time to describe the different possible complementary materials, etc.

In the end, we opted for a giant version of the model I had previously made in a regular size, and I managed to find a larger piece of the fabric she had always been drawn to (a true favorite). I built an initial prototype to confirm the size (and I was right; it needed to be enlarged further to accommodate her request to carry A4 documents), and then the final version.

Upon receipt, satisfaction was achieved:

Thank you so much, it's perfect. [...] It's so soft, so cozy, and really fantastic. Thank you!

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